Sunzo specializes in R&D, production and sales of disc spring, disc washer, waveform spring, diaphragm spring, special-shaped spring and other high-quality elastic components. The products are used in electric power, construction machinery, metallurgy, machine tools and moulds, petrochemical industry, elevators, valves and actuators, commercial vehicles and trucks and other fields. Sunzo has established in-depth cooperative relations with many key universities, and is a high-quality partner of many benchmarking enterprises in the industry.


  The following rankings are in no particular order:

  1. Siemens;

  2. General Electric of the United States;

  3. Vistas: Danish wind turbine manufacturer, the world's top producer of wind power equipment;

  4. Leica: The high-end cameras of mobile phones are Leica.

  5. Fox Fluid: American listed companies are the world's leader in fluid movement and control products and services.

  6. Singapore Gerber: Singapore's largest state-owned shipyard;

  7. French GTT: French listed companies have mastered the core technology of LNG ships, accounting for 70% of the global LNG ship orders.

  8. German Duer: German Pump and Air Compressor Leading Brand;

  9. Alstom, France: Top 500 enterprises in the world.